NT-2013BGS Electric Barbecue (w/ Stand)

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  • adjustable thermostat control
  • tray for the oil
  • with stand(removable and adjustable)
  • extra placement grill
  • removable parts for easy cleaning



Model NT-2013BGS
Type Electric BBQ w/ stand
Color Black
Grill Size 38*22 cm
Oil Tray Yes 
Indicators Power on light
Thermostat Adjustable auto cut
Power 2000 watts
Working Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Product Dimensions 49.4x37x8.5 cms
Weight 4.1kg (approx.)
Warranty Information
Period 1 year
Terms On manufacturing defects only



Winter is coming! This phrase may chill your guts in Westeros but in our world it means its grilling season. And when it comes to grilling, what else can beat the age old BBQ. Gather some friends and some drinks to accompany and add this BBQ to your celebration of winters. If you are thinking of letting away this thought just because you lack some coal burning skills, think again. The Nova NT-2013BGS barbecue and grill does not require coal to begin with, just plug and start grilling your favorite snacks. All the parts of this bbq grill are detachable and foldable that fits in a box of just 49.4x37x8.5 cms, which makes the bbq portable. Just take a battery box and the bbq grill and you are ready for picnic. Seven hells, what are you waiting for?

Tray for Oil

Like snacks dripping with oil? Don't let your extra oil waste. Nova NT-2013BGS have an extra oil tray to capture all the dripping oil from the snacks above on the grill. The oil can be reused maintaining the delicious flavor of your shrooms.
nova nt 2013 bgs barbecue grill oil tray
nova nt 2013 bgs barbecue grill oil tray

Adjustable Temperature

Nova NT-2013BGS electril bbq and grill comes with adjustable thermostat. Set it to adjust the heat for your snacks and it will auto cut to prevent overheating. Now cue your snacks to perfect crispiness.

Extra Placement Grill

Too hot to handle? I mean, the snacks are too hot to serve instantly or you have snacks ready to go on the bbq, there is an extra grill for extra space. Which makes NT-2013BGS a great companion for picnics and outdoor BBQ setups.
nova nt 2013 bgs barbecue grill oil tray
nova nt 2013 bgs barbecue grill oil tray

Adjustable/Detachable Stand

This Nova NT-2013BGS bbq grill comes with a stand so that you can bbq anywhere. You don't need a specific spot or slab/table for it. Even if you do want to put it on a table or slab the stand is detachable. Teaching kids to bbq? No problem. The stands are made to fit two sizes, just unscrew the extra length and you are good to go.


Safety Instructions

Please keep in mind the following points while barbecuing:
1. Always put water in the outer tray of the bbq before starting and then put oil tray and then the heating element and then the grill.
2. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE while the bbq is plugged in. Safely remove the plug and then let the element cool down first then remove it.
3. Do not wash the element. Wipe it with wet cloth when its completely cooled down.

Happy Barbecuing!