About us


To procure and sell quality electronic home appliance goods at the most competitive price whilst maintaining integrity and professional approach in all the areas of the company business including sales and customer service. 

To provide solutions for everyday healthy cooking replacing the conventional methods. 


Since 1975, NOVA household appliances started with just one outlet. The products went through harsh conditions of work and versatile enough to fit every household. We always had an open mind for change and adapted to frequent changes in trends and requirements. NOVA appliances stayed in the households for many year and people slowly recognized its good built quality and to the point application. While many brands entered and exited the market NOVA stayed favorite of people and made us one of the great brands in home appliances all over the world. Today NOVA home appliances is recognised international brand with customers in Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, India, Singapore, Musket, Quatar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many more. 


The company deals essentially in electronic goods and home appliances. Under the leadership of the partners, the company has been able to successfully position itself in the competitive market by developing its own registered brand of electronic goods and home appliances under the name of NOVA. These products are manufactured and imported from the Far East and sold worldwide. As India has a taste for fine cooking and demand for specialized appliances, NOVA made specific product line for India.